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Transit-Flor® LGF Typical Properties

This specification covers light weight rubber flooring, entrance plates and step treads for use in transit vehicles. This light weight material saves approximately 40% of the rubber weight as compared to the Transit-Flor® PGF compound.

Floor covering shall be made from a compound utilizing synthetic rubber and/or natural rubber that meets ADA guidelines.  The blend of natural and synthetic rubbers with special fillers added to impart hardness values of 80 to 90 shore A.  The rubber composition shall be homogeneous throughout the entire thickness.  White or yellow strips are molded into treads and entrance plates to meet ADA guidelines.  All products shall meet R.C.A. Rubber Company quality standards.

Smooth and Rib Flooring
The Smooth flooring can be made in polished face either a flat smooth or a hammered textured surface.  Smooth flooring for the under seat area is made of a homogeneous rubber compound that is 0.085" thick. The smooth surface withstands scuffs and grinding while remaining easy to clean. The rib flooring is for high traffic aisles and entrance areas featuring 0.140" thickness and double - grooved design.

Step Treads and Step Edges
Step treads and step edges are 0.140" thick rubber composition vulcanized to 22 gauge galvanized steel or 24 gauge stainless steel backing. Ribs shall run perpendicular with a rib increment of 5/8" to allow ease of cleaning. The front edge will be a white or yellow contrasting nose molded as a one piece seamless part of the tread. The contrasting nose color can be 1 1/2" or 3" per customer requirement. An inserted abrasive strip is available as an option as listed below. The abrasive strip shall be in a recessed area, beveled front and rear, beginning approximately 3/8" from the leading edge of the step.

Options available:
Step tread with 3 1/2" white or yellow abrasive strip.
Step tread with 2 1/2" white or yellow abrasive strip.
Step edge with 1 3/4" white or yellow abrasive strip.

Apex Treads
Apex treads have rows of truncated cones extending above the surface. Each cone shall have a height of 0.130" with a base dimension of 0.375" tapering to 0.125" at the peak. The contrasting nose (white or yellow) has a width of 1 3/4" (1.75"). The rubber composition is vulcanized to 22 gauge galvanized steel backing plate. Stainless steel backing is available by request.
The Apex design is not available as a step edge or entrance plate.

Entrance Plates
Entrance plates can be custom cut to fit most transit applications with customer furnished drawing. They are made of our rubber compound and include a 3" white or yellow band on the leading edge. The standee line shall be at least 2" wide and shall extend across the coach aisle in line with the driver’s barrier. This line shall be the same color as the edge of the steps. Entrance plates are manufactured with a seamless 45º miter - sweep out utilizing the double - grooved design. Stainless steel (24 gauge, 6" wide) is vulcanized under the nosing and marker. They are also available with an abrasive strip nose.

Test Name Test Method Typical Values
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 680 PSI
Elongation ASTM D412 82%
Hardness ASTM 2240 85 ± 5 Shore A
Tear Strength ASTM D624 (Die C) 257 pounds per inch
Compression Set ASTM D395 (22hrs @25°C) 5.5%
Flexibility ASTM F137, 1/4" mandrel No breaks or cracks
Coefficient of Friction ASTM D2047 0.8 (0.6 minimum)
Dimensional Stability ASTM F2199 (72 hrs @82°C) 0.08%
Impact Sound Transmission ISO 140-8 7 dB
Color Depth Visual Homogeneous
Flame Spread FMVSS 302 50 mm / minute
Critical Radiant Flux ASTM E648 >/- 0.7 Watts/cm2
Moisture Absorption ASTM D471 0.1% by weight (72hrs @70°F)
Fungus Resistance MIL-1-631D Completely Resistant

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