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Why R.C.A. Rubber?
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Why R.C.A. Rubber Flooring Products

Products - Bus, Train, & Rail Flooring and Step Treads

R.C.A. Rubber Transit-Flor Rubber Flooring

Resilience, dimensional stability and endurance are natural characteristics of rubber flooring. Maintenance is minimal. Underfoot comfort is excellent. Most important, Transit-Flor® PGF is part of a total-floor system — walkway and under seat flooring, entrance plates, metal-backed step treads, one-piece treads/risers, special adhesives, and a wide choice of colors and patterns to compliment any interior color scheme.


Exclusive Transit-Flor® PGF Benefits

Homogeneous Composition — The color and pattern of R.C.A.’s Transit-Flor® PGF penetrates throughout the entire thickness to ensure an attractive floor through years of demanding use.

Slip-Resistant — Ribbed and textured surfaces keep passengers safe and help abate trips, slips and falls. Transit-Flor® meets or exceeds ADA guidelines.

  Transit-Flor: Low maintenance rubber flooring
Double groove rib design facilitates water drainage eliminating the potential of puddling water.
Comfortable — Soft underfoot, rubber is comfortable to walk on.

Easy to clean — A simple labor - saving process keeps flooring looking great for years.

Dimensional stability — Because rubber's coefficient of expansion is low, temperature changes don’t affect it as with vinyl flooring. Dirt and moisture collection at seams because of expanding and contracting flooring, common with vinyl, is virtually eliminated.

Stands up to heavy traffic — With a top-to-bottom wear surface, rubber flooring is not only long lasting, it will look good for years.

Bonding surface — R.C.A. Rubber sands the underside of Transit-Flor® PGF during the finishing process to provide a strong bond to metal, wood and composite sub-floors.

Simplified installation — Installation is a breeze. All R.C.A. Transit-Flor® PGF flooring can be cut to the specified lengths and widths needed for a total-floor system.

Broad color range — Transit-Flor® PGF is available in a wide range of colors and patterns to compliment any interior décor.

Flame retardant — Transit-Flor® flooring products exceed the minimum flame spread standards for school and heavy transit transportation vehicles for both FMVSS 302 and ASTM E648 test methods.

Warranty — Transit-Flor® PGF premium-grade rubber flooring is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of twelve years from the date of delivery. Step treads are warranted for one year.
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