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R.C.A. Rubber Announces Transit-Flor® LGF Lightweight Transit Flooring

AKRON, OH - The R.C.A. Rubber Company, a leading manufacturer of transit and commercial rubber flooring, announces lightweight rubber flooring specifically designed for transit use.

The new flooring provides the same strength and wear characteristics customers have enjoyed for over 75 years, but in a much lighter package. Transit-Flor® LGF is available in both smooth and ribbed patterns as well as 16 exciting new colors.

"In the past when vehicle weight was a concern some customers have been forced to move to laminated vinyl products, now there is a choice. Our new offering is light weight like the vinyl products, yet retains the known benefits of rubber including superior dimensional stability, better isolation from road and engine noise, and ease of maintenance just to name a few," said Shane Price, Vice President. "There is a reason tires are made out of rubber and not plastic, the same holds true for your flooring."

To view color selections visit Transit-Flor® LGF product page or for more information on The R.C.A. Rubber Company and their products, call transit sales at 800.321.2340.

About The R.C.A. Rubber Company. Since 1931, The R.C.A. Rubber Company (R.C.A) has led the sheet rubber flooring and molded rubber stair tread industry with a solid reputation for durable, customer-preferred flooring products and an intimate knowledge of the transportation and commercial flooring industries. Located in Akron, Ohio, R.C.A. has been an American-owned, family-run business for four generations. R.C.A.'s Transit-Flor® PGF rubber flooring can be found in heavy and light transit vehicles, busses, conversion vans and subway cars. R.C.A.'s Flexi-Flor® rubber flooring can be found in all types of commercial buildings including schools and colleges, health care facilities and a wide range of public facilities.

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