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Why R.C.A. Rubber?
  • Most Comprehensive Line in the Industry
  • Proven Longevity
  • Easy to Maintain
Why R.C.A. Rubber Flooring Products

Applications -

Transit-Flor® PGF premium-grade rubber flooring, stair treads, and entrance plates have documented long life cost savings in all major transit applications  — from school, metro and touring buses, to high-speed rail, luxury liners, and recreational vehicles. And, they are also proven in a variety of government applications. Click on the following application areas for photos that illustrate the beauty of rubber flooring and its ability to fit in a wide variety of décor requirements:

Bus and Van Conversion Vehicles

Proud of your R.C.A. Rubber Transit-Flor® PGF premium-grade rubber flooring installation or application? Send or e-mail a photo of our product in your bus, rail, ship or recreational vehicle. If we use it on this web site and/or highlight your application in our newsletter, you will be entered into a drawing to receive an R.C.A. Rubber logo jacket and a gift certificate to your favorite store or restaurant.  Click here to submit your photo.
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