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R.C.A. Sheet Rubber Flooring

Flexi-Flor Sheet Rubber

Sheet Rubber Flooring

Resilience, dimensional stability and endurance are natural characteristics of rubber flooring. Maintenance is minimal. Underfoot comfort is excellent. Most important, it retains its beauty and luster for years and years under the most grueling use. It’s the ideal choice for schools, hospitals, extended care and multi-purpose areas including corridors, gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms, patient rooms, theaters, cafetoriums and other meeting rooms.

R.C.A Sheet Rubber Floor

R.C.A. Sheet Rubber Key Features & Benefits

  • A dramatic reduction in the total lineal feet of seams – an especially important feature for healthcare applications.
  • Excellent dimensional stability. Will not shrink like other floorings can.
  • Requires no sanding, repainting or special surface treatment.
  • Can be "flash coved"- turned up on the wall to eliminate a dirt - catching cove base seam.
  • "Flow" of marbled look not interrupted by cutting to achieve a floor pattern, or when inserting a special design or logo. Patterns, game lines, etc. are cut into the floor at the time of installation eliminating the need to repaint lines.
  • Flooring, stair treads and landing tile are easily design coordinated. The color and pattern range is exceptionally broad. Plus we have a custom color option to meet your individual design needs.
  • Soft underfoot and comfortable to walk on.
  • Withstands scuffing, grinding and heavy foot traffic. With a top-to-bottom wear surface, rubber flooring is not only long lasting, but it will look good for years.
  • Does not need special waxes, sealers, dressings or other finishes to maintain its appearance. This reduces expensive labor and chemical costs. Hence, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Flexi-Flor Sheet Rubber Flooring
Gauge Width Length1 Weight Colors
3/32" (2.4mm) 39" (990mm) 16-30 yds (14-27m) 8 lbs per sq yd (4.4 kg per sq m) Series I, II & Primary
1/8" (3.2mm) 39" (990mm) 16-30 yds (14-27m) 11 lbs per sq yd (6.0 kg per sq m) Series I, II & Primary
3/16" (4.8mm)2 39" (990mm) 12-20 yds (11-18m) 16 lbs per sq yd (8.7 kg per sq m) Series I, II & Primary

1 Rolls may contain 2 pieces, the shortest piece being at least five lineal yards.
2 3/16" Flooring is recommended ONLY for stair landing use in conjunction with heavy-duty stair treads. Not for use as general flooring.

*Detail dimensions are subject to manufacturing tolerances.

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