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R.C.A. Rubber Flooring Adhesives

Flexi-Flor® Sheet Rubber, Tile & Stair Tread Adhesives

R.C.A. Rubber has four tested and approved specific application adhesives:   Rubber Stair Tread Adhesinves

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#56 Latex Adhesive — This environmentally friendly trowelable white latex adhesive is recommended for most rubber flooring and stair tread installations. The exception is Target® Stair Tread and Tile and some special application situations. SDS Sheet

  #5 Epoxy Flooring Adhesive — This environmentally friendly two-part chemically setting adhesive must be used for Target® Tile and Target® Stair Tread installations, and, for Flexi-Flor® Sheet Rubber flooring installed in hospital operating suites. Also, it may be used for installation of Rubber Stair treads, Flexi-Flor sheet rubber and tile, Lo-Pro® Tile, and Design Surface Tiles. It must be used for installation on metal stairs, flame treated wood and terrazzo surfaces and for certain application situations.SDS Sheets PART "A" and PART "B"
#10 Epoxy Nosing Caulk — Environmentally friendly, this two-part chemically setting caulk is recommended for use inside the nose of all rubber and vinyl stair treads. Additionally, it can be used to fill voids on worn or broken steps to provide support. SDS Sheets PART "A" and PART "B"

’*New* Spray Adhesive — R.C.A. Rubber offers a new, environmentally friendly spray adhesive for easier installation of sheet rubber, rr tile flooring and rubber stair treads (except Target®). Available in 22-oz. spray cans and 28-lb. spray canisters (for larger installations) this adhesive provides excellent shear strength and easy clean-up and saves a great deal of time over conventional troweled adhesive, and can be used as a contact adhesive.

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